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The Zen Chi and Zenoxy Massager provides natural, no impact exercise. Just minutes on this machine, incorporating relaxation techniques, will create an uplifting experience, without stress, impact on the body or increase in heart rate. 

Do you suffer from...
• Weight Problems 
• Stress 
• Nervous Tension 
• Anaemia 
• Migraine 
• Menstrual Pain 
• Asthma
• Arthritic Pain 
• Digestion Inbalance 
• Lack of Exercise 
• Diabetes 
• Chronic Conditions 
• Back Pain 
• Insomnia

Let the Zen Chi Work for you. 

The Zen Chi and Zenoxy Massager assimilates ancient healing techniques. Its gentle infinite rhythmic motion massages internal organs, muscles and the spinal column.


• Muscle Strength 
• Blood Production Oxygen Absorption 
• Relieving Tension 
• Digestion 
• Circulation 
• Nervous Systems 
• Posture
• Lymphatic System 
• Function of Internal Organs
A FIVE MINUTE INTRODUCTION to the Zen Chi Massager will let you experience its truly amazing potential.

Lying with our feet in an elevated position is a proven technique for relieving the symptoms of painful ailments such as fluid retention, poor circulation, varicose veins and the list continues. Combine this with the ancient principles of energy stimulating exercises like Qi Gong, Tai Chi or Yoga and you will benefit immediately.

The Zen Chi Massager's infinite rhythmic motion is core driven, producing a metrical displacement. This Internationally Patented movement sends a balanced energy wave through the body, relieving stress and tension placed on the spinal column. The oscillation of the spine becomes more prominent as you relax; this has a stimulating effect on internal organs and their function. The boost assists relief from insomnia, back pain, weight problems and nervous tension, as well as enhancing breathing, digestion, performance of anti-oxidants and the elimination of toxins.

The Zen Chi is a revolutionary product that only requires a few minutes of your time.

Simple to use:
As body hydration is an important factor in any exercise regime, it is recommended to consume approximately 150ml of water prior to use. For best results, the Zen Chi Massager should be used in an ambient setting, as it is no challenge and is an exciting and relaxing experience. You will find yourself easily committing to 30 minutes of exercise and relaxation a day. However it is recommended that you read the precautions before use and to start with short sessions at around five-minutes. This may gradually increase, as does your fitness level.

Allow yourself 10 minutes for total relaxation; clear your mind of any distractions. Lie down, centre body and with handle towards you, lie legs in the ankle rests. When comfortable, start with a five minute session. You will feel the massager effects starting low in the body and work its way up as you relax. Concentrate on your breating and relax. At the end of the session, when the machine stops, remain lying down for at least two or three more minutes. During this time you should experience an exhilarating boost of energy and an overwhelming sensation of relaxation and calm.

Do not use if pregnant or after recent surgery. If you are not sure if the Zen Chi Massager is suitable for your fitness level or health status, or if symptoms persist, seek medical advice.


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