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FORCE AGILITY BAND $85.00  N/A [Manufacturer]

Product Description.

Solid and effective in design, the Force USA Agility Band are made for everyday gym use, and designed for intense workouts for many years to come. Featuring heavy duty structural integrity, the Force USA Agility Band is built to take a pounding and help you expand your range of assistance and resistance exercises.  And, with a “Class A” rating, the Force USA Flat Bands are built to last a lifetime. The Force USA Agility Band is unmatched in their class and will give you solid and intense workouts for many years to come!

The Force USA Agility Band are made by a one-piece molded construction, giving you the ultimate workout and safety knowing that your Force USA Agility Band are the best quality.  The Force USA Agility Band are ergonomically designed to handle extreme workouts in the gym, so you can rest assured you are buying quality when you go with Force USA.

With the Force USA Agility Band you will have intense workouts for a variety of different muscle groups while maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts with a combination of core and strength workouts. The Force USA Agility Band provides some of the best, most effective strength training exercises. Use at the gym, or at home, to mix up your exercises, and take you’re training to the next level! 


They offer a huge range of sport specific and rehabilitation training exercises and have been used by elite athletes for years!  If you’re serious about improving your speed, agility and total body strength then the Force USA Agility Band are the perfect addition to your gym!

Product Specifications:

•Comes in GREEN.

•Ergonomically designed in the USA.

•One-piece molded construction.

•Full commercial gym use.

•For use with all Olympic and standard bars.

•Combine with the Force USA Power Rack with Band Pegs for the Ultimate Workout!

Used for:


•Power lifting

•Strength Training

•Explosive Training

•Power Training

•Jump Training

•Speed and Agility

•Assisted Pull Ups

•Cross fit Exercises

•Sport Specific Training


•Inspect your bands thoroughly BEFORE EVERY use for any tears, wear, or damage. Bands will eventually wear out and can break over time. NEVER use a damaged band!

•Bands are not toys and should not be treated as such.

•Bands should be kept out of the reach of younger children to avoid injury.

•Younger athletes should be supervised when using the bands.

•If you use the bands for resisted running drills always use at least 4 bands of equal size and use #Large bands or stronger. The bands should be looped together and never knotted. Also you should use the Agility Bands and not standard Power Bands.

•Always undo the loops after each use. This will prevent excessive wear at the contact points.

•Never use a door as an anchor.

•Never stretch any band more than twice its original length.

•When you purchase bands you agree to use them for the intended purpose and at your own risk.



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