Product Detail

BODYCRAFT LF660 HIP SLED $2,295.00  N/A [Manufacturer]

•Heavy gauge steel
•Extra removable pads
•Fully adjustable foot plate / back pad
•Industrial grade linear bearings
•Adjustable shoulder pads
•1000 pounds weight capacity
•Space saving design
•Linear bearings

Extra removable pads allow for Donkey squat by
pressing with lower lumbar. This eliminates the spinal
compression associated with heavy weights on your
Another unique exercise provided is a
Donkey Calf, for complete calf development.
Your leg muscles are the strongest and toughest
muscles in your body.
We have built the BodyCraft F660 Hip Sled with that in mind. From the
heavy gauge steel, to the industrial grade linear
bearings, this machine is built to withstand the
toughest workouts – for a lifetime!

Fully adjustable footplate / back pad.
Adjustable shoulder pads allow for a wide range of user heights.
This also allows us to make the machine smaller than
Fully adjustable foot plate for any desired angle. Foot plate also
folds out of the way for Hack Squats.
Industrial grade linear bearings!Plastic wheels tend to flatten over time.
Linear bearings never flatten, or wear out, ensuring smooth consistent performance for as long as you
own the machine.
• 1000 pound weight capacity!
• Four different exercises provided!
• Leg Press
• Hack squats with weight on shoulders
• Donkey squats with weight on lumbar
• Calf raises
• Space saving design!