Gymco maintaince for treadmills. Treadmill ment for home are not the same as those in gymnasiums. As such some precautions have to be taken to prolong the treadmills life.

1. It is best to start treadmill at 2km/hr before standing on the machine.

2. Lubricate at least once a month, using silicone spray- under the mat- prolongs life of mat and is smoother to walk/run on.





Why a treadmill?


What kind of workout do I get from a treadmill? 

A treadmill is an excellent investment for your cardiovascular health and well-being. Unlike any other type of cardiovascular equipment where it takes some time getting used to its range of motion and movement, running or walking, activities performed on a treadmill, comes naturally to everyone. The ease of use, combined with proven cardiovascular benefits of both running and walking, makes a treadmill the most popular cardiovascular exercise machine for the home.


I heard using a treadmill is hard on joints. Is this true? 

With developments of newer types of fitness equipment that boast little to no impact on joints, treadmills seem to be receiving more negative feedback than they are actually deserving of these days. While it may be true that treadmills may inflict more stress and pressure on your joints compared to elliptical trainers, almost all treadmills today come with shock absorption technology that greatly mitigates this issue. When used correctly with a proper amount of rest for your joints to recover, you should not be experiencing pain and discomfort during after your treadmill use. That said, if you are suffering from a chronic joint pain, we recommend using your treadmill primarily for walking.


How does using a treadmill compare to other exercises? 

Do not underestimate the cardio benefits of running or walking! These simple exercises on a treadmill can give you just as effective of a workout as any other complex cardiovascular exercises performed on other machines. 


What factors should I consider when choosing a treadmill?

Should I choose a manual or motorized treadmill? 

Some are tempted to buy manual treadmills over motorized ones because of the huge drop in costs. However, please be aware that manual treadmills have many drawbacks. In order to build up momentum to get the belt moving, you may have to raise the incline of the treadmill significantly or strain yourself against the belt, which can cause extra stress on your joints. Also, once the treadmill is moving, there is no way to adjust the incline unless you stop and get off the treadmill. 

Price aside, you will generally get a better workout and experience from the motorized treadmills. With motorized ones, every feature can be controlled and adjusted at the touch of a button, and all around, they are a lot sturdier. For a treadmill offering a full set of features that won't break your wallet.


What is the significance of horsepower? 

Horsepower of the motor is one of the most important considerations when purchasing an treadmill. Motor is the heart of your treadmill - it matters a lot. You want to look for something that can withstand the wear and tear from your workout. We recommend purchasing treadmills that provide between 1.5 to 2.5 of horsepower, 'continuous' duty. It is crucial that treadmill's motor can maintain its horsepower for a safe, effective workout. 


Do I need a dedicated space for my treadmill? 

In most cases, you will want a dedicated space for your treadmill. Almost all our models are designed to be left in place. Some models, feature space-saving folding design, so if storage space is one of your concerns, look out for these features. 


What monitoring features do I need? 

Most monitors come with standard features, such as time, distance, calories burned, and speed. Most models in the mid-range  include handgrip heart rate sensors and other heart rate monitoring programs as well. All our monitors come with a variety of programs. If you are an advanced runner, choose a treadmill that has the most pre-set and offers programmable workout to battle boredom. Usually, a higher end model comes with such features. 


How durable are treadmills? 

Our home models are designed for regular use by one or two users. Most come with 1 year warranty on moving parts.  

If a machine comes with a short warranty, don't be detered. 


How much assembly does a treadmill require? 

Assembly varies from model to model, but most treadmills require between fifteen minutes and one hour for assembly. If you are concerned with assembly time, please be sure to check the assembly section just under the dimensions and specifications. Almost all models come with all tools necessary to assemble your treadmill.


Also, our helpful sales department is available at (03) 9314 1277  twenty four hours seven days a week. These experts are here to help you with any questions you have and to ensure that you purchase the treadmill that is best for you. Thank you for shopping at GYMCO.




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Please ask us for more details concerning this offer.